Exploring Teaching for Active Learning in Engineering Education

DTU Skylab, DTU, Copenhagen 11 - 12 November 2015

Session types

Hands-on session

Active Explore session

Active Poster session

Hands-on sessions, consisting of the following elements:


Lasts 90 minutes following the schedule:

  • 10 minutes Introduction (setting the scene)
  • 60 minutes Hands-on Activity (incl. summing-up)
  • 20 minutes Discussion & Evaluation & Conclusions


Designing a hands-on session

The author submits a proposal for an active hands-on session about how to use active learning in engineering education. The author will facilitate the session which must follow the session structure.





Active Explore sessions form to be followed:


Lasts 90 minutes following the schedule:

  • Introduction (the chairs will set the scene for each topic, 5 minutes)
  • Selected theme presentations (10 minute per presentations)
  • Discussion and workshops
  • Summing-up (by the session chair, 10 minutes)


Points 2 and 3 are structured by the presenters in joint collaboration.


Contribute to an Active Explore session

In the active Explore Session we are in a deeper sense seeking answers to the question: Why does Active Learning work to support efficient learning in Engineering Education? Each session is chaired by a session chair.





Active Poster session form


  • Introduction (facilitator will set the scene for the session)
  • Parallel interactive video or Power Point presentations, max. 10 minutes speak and min. 5 minutes discussion


The sessions will take place in the corners of the same physical room area. When one poster session is finished, the audience moves to another location.

You will find more information about the Active Poster session here (.pdf)



If you wish to contribute to one or more of the session types, you must submit an abstract, following the abstract template.